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Coronavirus Statement

In light of the unprecedented crisis, which is affecting us all, our priority at Plus Food Service is to safeguard the health of our staff and to ensure that we continue safly supply our customers.  We need to all work together in the next weeks to ensure that our supply to you is as undisrupted as possible as the nation prepares to lock down in self-isolation and the demand for pizza home delivery

Please play your part in supporting our delivery drivers by accepting your deliveries quickly, using your own pens when signing paperwork, and avoiding any unnecessary direct contact.

Collection Orders

In line with the Government guidelines of social distancing, please do not enter the warehouse, you need to order online or text to 079 44 777 508 transferring the payment online, since 15/03/2020 WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH ON COLLECTION, your goods will be ready for collection from outside.

Please read the latest advice to stop the spread and protect yourself from Coronavirus, this link also includes the latest NHS guidance: